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What are the medical equipment power certification?

Time: 2019-07-10
Summary: In the medical industry, because of the safety of people's lives, all related products will take quality as a priority, so each industry has certain hard indicators for medical power, and the medical industry is no exception. Medical power supply should be able to be used in the medical device power supply, first through the corresponding indicators of medical certification.
Medical power certification varies from country to country.

IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
3C certification CCEE is the meaning of China Electrician Certification, which is certified by the China Electrotechnical Commission.

The difference between CCC power and CCEE power:
1. CCC certification includes CCEE, CCIB (China Import and Export Quality Certification), EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification), and CCEE does not have EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification), so the radiation of CCC power supply is less than CCEE power supply.

2, CCC power supply because of the PFC circuit, so the power factor is higher, in other words, the use of CCC power supply is more energy efficient.

3, CCC power supply quality is better than CCEE power supply

FCC: US ​​Federal Communications Commission

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is the most authoritative and non-profit civil safety testing institution in the United States.

CSA is the Canadian Standards Association

CE certification in the European Economic Area (European Union, European Free Trade Association member countries, except Switzerland) market sales of goods, the use of CE mark more and more

GS mark GS mark is a German safety certification mark

TUV logo TUV logo is a type certification mark for German parts and components

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